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What a Reception!


Loci interiors jewelry


loci interiors

We really enjoyed designing some bespoke furniture and artwork for the Anne Furbank boutique in Buckden.

A brief to modernise a reception desk and foyer is always an exciting challenge. It’s one of the most important areas of any shop and it sets a precedent for the entire business.

Our simple, and understated design needed to be both practical and welcoming; a ‘set’ for the clothes and accessories on display, the Walnut and painted timber give rich tones and clean lines.


It’s been wonderful to receive so many appreciative comments from the staff and customers. Thanks!



Feathering the Nest!


Tickell Arms Feather wallpaper by Georgia Horton

Tickell arms

We loved the new Feather motif for the Tickell from the moment we saw it.


We always try to ensure seamless integration between the brand identity and the interior space.


By chance, one of our favourite wallpaper designers, Georgia Horton, had recently unveiled her feather ‘Quilt’ collection. We were thrilled to incorporate another of her fabulous designs into our scheme. Available in a series of subtle tones, it acted as the perfect backdrop to our individually sourced artworks.


We first met Georgia at Decorex and have gone on to use her stunning designs whenever a simple touch of class is required! Made in England, all of her designs are hand printed. They are £109.00 per roll. Contact us if you would like to place an order.


The Tickell welcomes you with open Arms!


Tickell arms

Tickell arms

Tickell arms

Jubilation! The Tickell Arms is open for business…and has some very proud designers.


At the end of last year Oliver Thain (Partner of the successful Cambscuisine restaurants…The Cambridge Chop Houses, The Cock – Hemingford, The Boathouse – Ely) asked Loci Interiors to design his newest and most exciting venture…The Tickell at Whittlesford.


Until 1990, The Tickell had a wonderfully eccentric and flamboyant history. The late and infamous proprietor, Squire Kim Joseph De La Taste Tickell, drew in many an intrepid patron. The combination of his incredible rudeness and the building’s overt theatricality became the stuff of legend. Depending on Tickell’s table manner or mesmerising dress sense, his guests would either leave longing to come back, or vow never to return!


We were thrilled to take on the challenge of bringing new life and charm back to a neglected gem.


We have strived to keep a balance between the mythical status of its past with the professional ethos of Cambscuisine. Keeping the rich architectural elements and at the same time creating a warm and inviting interior.


The Tickell beautifully portrays our signature sense of style and elegance. With quirk at every corner, the interiors are punctuated with humour and individuality. It is both welcoming and intriguing, qualities we try inject into each of our projects.


Thanks to Oliver, Max and Richard at Cambscuisine, for giving us the opportunity to get really stuck in with the interiors. We are so pleased you love them too!


Follow our blog over the next few weeks as we show you a more detailed look at our designs, features and works at the Tickell.


P.S. The food is delicious!