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Real Boy’s Own Stuff !!



Loci interiors interior design cambridge


Loci interiors interior design cambridge

Loci Interiors Interior design Cambridge


We’ve just completed the first part of a really exciting project at the Leys School, Cambridge.


‘School House’ is one of the oldest boarding houses at the Leys, dating back to the 1880’s. After several years of patching up, it was time to give it a new lease of life. After working on various projects with the school, we were thrilled to be asked to help with another venture.


Each Boarding House needs to retain its own identity and this stage of the 2 year project focused on creating an interior style or ‘Brand’ that the boys would help define. We worked closely with the enthusiastic students and House Master, to get a good understanding of their needs. This gave us a great framework, over which our idea for the ‘Gentleman’s Club’ seemed to fit.


In true Loci fashion we merged antiquity with modernity, to produce a comfortable and practical retreat. We incorporated the student’s own artwork with large scale dynamic wall-art to make the space feel less institutional and added some industrial lighting for a practical and stylish touch.


Lets hope the Boys love it as much as we do, when they go back to school next week…



Inspirational Set Design

James Bond set design by Ken Adams


I’ve always loved going to the cinema and certain Films have a special place in my heart and my imagination.


If I look back over 2 decades of designs, I can see how much of my inspiration has been taken from key cinematic childhood experiences.


James Bond movies weren’t just great fun but fantastic showcases for the work of Ken Adams; He was responsible for designing the sets for Dr No (above), Gold Finger, Thunder Ball and many others.


Adams trained as an architect and started working in the film industry in 1947. He was hired as production designer on the first Bond film, Dr No; short on budget he drew on his interest in German Expressionism and the Modernist Movement to create simple, modern sets using light and shadow to create depth and structure.


I’ve always admired his clever, subtle interiors and secretly hankered after my own hidden base in an extinct volcano.



Pinch punch


One of the best parts of my job is working with wonderful creative people whose ideas and solutions can transform a good scheme into a great one.


Recently we have been lucky enough to obtain another of Pinch’s beautiful pieces of furniture (The Frey Armoire) for a very stylish client.


Founded in 2004, Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon.


Russell is a superb furniture designer and heads up a great English company able to produce lovely bespoke furniture, on time and on budget.