Antarctic Base Camp


If diversity is the spice of life, then we are truly blessed!


We are lucky enough to work with some terrific clients who require bespoke designs. This month has been no exception, with the South Pole beckoning.


White Desert supply elite adventure holidays to experience the wilds of Antarctica.


We designed the initial basecamp for them in 2007 and are proud to say that it’s done its job incredibly well, especially considering this seasons freak weather conditions… not just one but two hurricanes!


However, White desert has been such a success, that the camp needs to grow and evolve, so we have been asked to assist them with the next generation of domes. Less Shackleton, more Sci Fi!


So through the joys of Skype and e-mail, the designs were agreed, fabricators were found and the okay was given to go ahead with the build. The domes were created in America, sent by cargo ship to South Africa and then flown onto Antarctica…. Interior design on a global scale!


These spacious contemporary Igloos are thermally insulated with all the comforts of home.


They should sit well within the epic landscape and act as a perfect retreat after a day adventuring!