Travelling Slow – Brand & Aircraft Design

Travelling Slow – Brand & Aircraft Design

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Loci are SO excited about the latest project we’ve been working on. A new luxury aeronautical travel experience from Cairo down to Cape town.

We’ve worked with Travelling Slow, a Carbon Neutral company, to develop a concept, brand, brochure and aircraft Interior.

The designs have to be suitable for the 21st Century yet hark back to the golden age of travel & adventure.

The client is working with Loci to head up a talented team of consultants and Fit Out specialists. As lead designers, we’ve revelled in the opportunity to research and explore vintage aircraft, beautifully made bespoke features and the history of air travel.

We’ve used leather, timber and canvas to provide a sense of nostalgia; evocative of a bygone era. We’re determined to bring the romance back into flying. The journey should and can be a wonderful part of a trip. Rather than a means to an end, it should be a defining part of the whole experience.

This is truly a multinational project between South Africa, America, Canada and us here in the UK. All parties have embraced the new normal, with Zoom conferences being a big part of everyday life.

We can’t wait to see our designs become reality and we’ll certainly keep you up to date.

Thanks to Travelling Slow we’re working on a dream project and the end results should provide clients with an incredible adventure.